Inside-Out Home Maintenance

Just like us, our property also needs a healthy dose of love and care. I have compiled two checklists with all the important points for the inside and outside upkeep. This will help you to ensure that your house is kept in perfect shape and maintain the value of the property.

The summer season is always the best time to plan any intensive repairs or renovations like repainting exterior walls or extending the patio. 

Checklist for Interior Maintenance

Monthly cleaning and maintenance tasks will help you to keep your place spotless and functioning seamlessly. Repainting is the quickest and cheapest way to update a room, next to decluttering and clever storage.

  • Walls
    • Check walls for cracks, holes and stains. 
    • Fix cracks and holes with a filler and sand it off. Touch up with paint or repaint the entire wall.
    • Is it time to repaint a room or the entire inside of your house? 
    • Do the skirtings, cornices and doorframes require repainting?
  • Doors & Windows
    • Check that all windows and doors close easily and that the locks are working.
    • Power-wash windows, glass doors and frames to get them properly cleaned after winter.
    • Check out my post on Cleaning Windows.
  • Bathroom & Kitchen
    • Ensure all taps are sturdy.
    • Look for leaks around sinks and toilets.
    • Replace old grout and silicone. 
  • Lights 
    • Check that all light bulbs are working and replace bulbs if needed.
    • Wipe off light fixtures with a wet cloth.
    • Use warm LED lights to create a cosy atmosphere.
    • Dimmer switches are ideal for the main bedroom and lounge. 
  • Cords & electrical
    • Replace any cords and outlets that have exposed wiring.
    • Keep your extension and power cords under control by investing in cable organisers to eliminate cord mess.
    • Do not substitute extension cords for permanent wiring, as they will deteriorate over time and can cause an electric shock or a fire hazard.
    • Check that all electrical sockets and switches are working. Call an electrician to fix any problems.
  • Other
    • Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
    • Check the gauge on your fire extinguisher to ensure that it’s still correctly pressurized. 
    • Sand and varnish old and worn wooden floors.
    • Clean carpets yourself or professionally.
    • Take curtains to the dry cleaners.

Checklist for Exterior Maintenance

The first two things anyone will notice about the exterior of your home is the condition of the paintwork and garden. Flaky paint on window frames and patchy walls are an eyesore, just as much as an overgrown garden with long grass and weeds everywhere. Is it time for you to repaint the roof or exterior walls? A fresh coat of paint will give your house a whole new look and increase your property value.

  • Paintwork
    • You should paint the exterior every five to ten years, depending on the climate.
    • It’s not wise to go for a bargain when it comes to choosing exterior paint. Get a premium exterior paint which is durable and resistant to cracking.
    • Wooden window frames: For the exterior, choose a gloss exterior paint, either oil or acrylic based. The interior window frames should be painted with a high-quality latex gloss paint.
    • Front door: Choose a gloss or semi-gloss finish for front doors. Not only does it look better but is also easier to clean.
    • Roof: Use a premium roof tile paint or an acrylic roof paint with a waterproofing property for flat roofs.
  • Gutters 
    • Clean gutters twice a year to avoid them getting clogged with leaves and other debris.
    • Ideally use a pressure washer gutter cleaner which will remove all debris out of the gutter through the force of the water pressure.
    • If they are not thoroughly clogged, you can also clean them with a garden hose.
    • Clean clogged gutters with a stiff wire to loosen up the clog and remove debris with a garden trowel.
    • You can clean the outside of the gutters with water and white vinegar, which won’t affect the aluminium.
    • If you have painted gutters check if they require repainting. 
  • Garden
    • Spring is the time to plant new plants and trees, fertilise the lawn and existing plants as well as pruning dead and diseased branches.
    • Regularly remove weeds and dead leaves.
    • Keep an eye on your bugs. 
    • In autumn clean up your garden by removing fallen leaves and weeds, as well as clearing dead plants and shrubs. 
    • Plant spring bulb plants like tulips in autumn. 
    • In winter cover all plants that are not frost resistant, especially if you have a balcony garden. 
  • Other
    • Inspect the roof for leaks and any loose or damaged tiles.
    • Paint wooden mailboxes with durable waterproof paint.
    • Check if electric gates and garage doors are still functioning well.
    • Clean and repair the paving and patio, as well as all outdoor furniture.
    • Fix any problems with the pool.
    • Check that your security alarm fixtures and sensors are still working.

“Your home tells a story of who you are.”

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