Tidying up your Car

Most of us would probably choose to drive a spotless car. Travelling in a tidy and clean car can easily be achieved if you don’t accumulate trash and wash your car regularly. If you have time and space, washing your own car will save you money, otherwise take it to a good car wash.

This week I want to share some tips for every day use on how to keep your car clean throughout the year.

  • Keep your car trash free. Remove tickets, receipts, old tissues and empty water bottles on a daily basis or at least once a week.
    • Dedicate an area in your car to keep the trash together, e.g. the door panel storage pocket on the driver’s side.
    • Use plastic bags to store trash during a road trip.
  • Only keep a limited amount of personal items stored in your car. 
  • Practical things to keep in your car and store in the centre console between the front seats are:
    • Cell phone charger
    • Pair of sunglasses
    • Tissues 
    • Notebook and pen 
  • Store loose change in a cup and keep it in the centre console.
  • Keep the car service book, a road map, wet wipes and a microfiber cloth in the cubbyhole.
    • It’s always good to keep a road map in your car in case you get lost and don’t have any phone reception. 
    • Wet wipes are handy for when you spill your coffee on the go by accident.
  • Invest in a universal smartphone holder to ensure hands-free driving.
  • Ideally, wash your car every second week and vacuum/clean the interior once a month, unless you travel with pets and dogs.
  • Use an air freshener to keep your car smelling fresh. 
  • Shake out mats regularly and wipe the interior clean with a microfiber cloth when you spot dust.
  • Always knock your shoes clean, especially when you have walked in mud or sand. 
  • Keep a small bag with some essential cleaning items in the trunk of your car. Essential cleaning items include:
    • A hand brush for dirty shoes and crumbs on the seats
    • Car interior cleaning wipes
    • Windshield cleaning tool
    • Ice scraper for car windows during winter
  • Ensure that your car maintenance and survival toolkit has all the important items such as:
    • First aid kit
    • Jack/axle stand
    • Socket wrench
    • Wrench and pliers set
    • Jumper cable
    • Reflective warning triangle 
    • Fire extinguisher

“Tidy car, tidy mind.”

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