Transform your Home

Maintaining an organised space is a constant challenge, especially with our busy work-life schedules. Having to organise and reduce clutter can be an overwhelming experience.

Although there are lots of helpful books and online information on how to tidy up your home, most people don’t have the time or motivation to tackle such a project on their own.

You might have one of the following reasons for seeking support with decluttering:

  • You are too busy and feel frustrated living or working in a cramped space
  • You feel your life is getting out of control and impacting you and your family negatively
  • You want your home to look its best to sell quicker at its best possible price
  • Your closets are overflowing and you are unable to find anything to wear most of the time
  • Your current living circumstances have changed:
    • you are moving house
    • you are downsizing
    • you are expecting a new family member
    • you have lost a loved one

Make Space for the Things that Count

Simplify you life in small ways every day, by starting to clear the clutter. Seek simplicity, functionality and clarity, by only keeping items, which add value to your life.

When trying to eliminate clutter, ask yourself:

  • Does it have a useful function? If yes, keep it
  • Does the item make me feel good? If yes, keep it
  • When last did I use it or have I worn it? If it’s been over 18 months, discard it
  • Is it dated, damaged or worn out? If yes, discard it
  • Do I have duplicate items? If yes, keep the nicest one and discard the rest
  • Do I want to take it into the future with me? If not, discard it
  • Does it represent who I am or who I want to be? If not, discard it

“To truly cherish the things that are important to you, you must first discard those that have outlived their purpose. ” – Marie Kondo

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