52 Week Organise your Life Programme

I have prepared a 52 week Organise your Life Programme to help you create a tidy household and lead a healthier and happier lifestyle throughout the year. Each week I will focus on a new topic with suggestions and advice which you can follow and perform.

You have an entire week to work on each specific topic, which makes the decluttering less intense, then having to do the entire house in a limited amount of time. Also check out my Declutter Checklist with all the important organising elements for each room.


  1. Clearing your Inbox
  2. Creating your a To-do list
  3. Managing your Health and Exercise
  4. Organising your Medical Checkups
  5. Organising your Finances
  6. Declutter your Entrance Hall
  7. Organise your Handbag Content
  8. Tidying up all Paper Items
  9. Tidying up your Financial Documents
  10. Declutter your Desk and Stationery Supplies
  11. Tidying up your Hobby Items
  12. Organising your Printed Photos and Albums
  13. Organising your Digital Photos
  14. Organising your Computer Files
  15. Updating your Contact List
  16. Tidying up Gifting and Themed Decorations
  17. Organising your Living Room
  18. Decluttering Books and Magazines
  19. Wardrobe Organising – Clothing (Part 1)
  20. Wardrobe Organising – Shoes and Accessories (Part 2)
  21. Tidying up your Jewellery
  22. Tidying up Makeup and Hair Accessories
  23. Organising your Bedroom
  24. Decluttering your Kids Room
  25. Tidying up your Bathroom
  26. Tidying up your Medicine Cabinet
  27. Organising your Linen and Towels
  28. Kitchen Organising – Storing Dinnerware (Part 1)
  29. Kitchen Organising – Storing Cooking Tools (Part 2)
  30. Kitchen Organising – Storing Food Items (Part 3)
  31. Decorating your Kitchen
  32. Organising your Laundry and Cleaning Items
  33. Cleaning Windows, Curtains and Carpets
  34. Tidying up your Sentimental Items
  35. Decluttering your Garage
  36. Tidying up Hardware Tools and Supplies
  37. Organising your Gardening Tools
  38. Inside-Out Home Maintenance
  39. Tidying up your Car
  40. Pet Care
  41. Household Checklists
  42. Decorating with Colours
  43. Decorating with Wall Art
  44. Decorating with Lighting
  45. Decorating with Houseplants
  46. Decorating your Home
  47. Organising a House Move
  48. Preparing for a Vacation
  49. Organised Travel Packing
  50. Organising a Party
  51. Setting Goals for the New Year
  52. Tidying up before the New Year

“Good organising is not about changing your personality – just your habits.”

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