Organising your Garden Tools

Sitting on your patio or balcony and appreciating the plants around you is a very pleasant and relaxing thing to do. But keeping plants healthy and organising your garden tools, can be a hassle. Usually, they just get dumped in a corner of the garage or a bucket without much thought about storing them properly.

I have compiled a list for essential gardening tools which you can use when you are organising your garden items.

Balcony Gardens

They can range from a few railing baskets to multiple pots and vertical gardens covering the wall. When you have a narrow space, hanging pots and baskets are key. Ensure that you buy the right plants for your balcony by checking how much sun your balcony gets. Plants in pots require more care than those in gardens. Feed pot plants weekly from spring until autumn.

Essential tools include:

  • gardening gloves 
  • hand trowel and fork
  • garden scissors
  • watering can
  • twine
  • liquid fertiliser
  • potting soil

Outside Gardens

Depending on the size of your garden you will either tend to your garden yourself or use a professional garden service. Working in the garden gives you a good workout and is also very satisfying, especially if garden tools are in the right place and easy to grab. The basic rules for gardening are to follow the sun, choose the right plants, use quality soil and water wisely. Most trees and shrubs should be fertilised beginning of spring when the growing season starts.

In addition to the above list of items, gardens typically require the following tools:

  • hose pipe and nozzles
  • pruning shears
  • shovel, rake and outdoor broom
  • lawn mower 
  • wheelbarrow
  • mulch to cover the soil and keep moisture in
  • compost for the lawn

Organising your garden tools

  • Check if all your tools are still in good working order and purchase new ones if needed.
  • Separate small items from large ones.
  • Store smaller garden tools in a storage box or a large bucket.
  • Install a wall-mounted tool organiser in your garage for hanging large tools.
  • Wrap your garden hose around a hose hanger ideally with a storage compartment to store hose nozzles. 
  • Backyard sheds are great for storing large tools in one place.
  • Seating benches with storage space underneath are ideal for balconies.
  • Always clean garden tools with water after use to keep them intact.

” He/she who plants a garden, plants happiness .”

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