Creating an Organised Home

Organised Spaces is a service to help you declutter and organise your home. As an interior designer and professional organiser, I can help you to reduce the amount of clutter you have and set up effective storage solutions, which will transform your home or office into a beautiful and calm space.

With my help, you can feel more in control and achieve a better overview of your surroundings. The search for things will be simplified because organised rooms will save you time and stress.

Clutter can be in the form of overflowing cupboards, filled with clothes you don’t wear, or rooms packed with items you don’t use. Clutter creates an untidy appearance and might make you shy away from inviting people over.

My organising method is flexible and easy to follow, while my approach remains non-judgemental and fun, at all times. You decide which room or area, you want to focus on. Together we will go through every item and evaluate which items to discard. I will guide you through the entire process of decluttering and will advise you on suitable storage systems and solutions, individually tailored to your daily use.

The aim is to create a new way of sorting and storing, which is affordable and easily to maintain for long periods.

How you can Benefit from my Organising Service

With my guidance and support I can:

  • motivate you to start the decluttering process
  • give you advice on how to solve your specific problem
  • show you how to organise your cupboards and rooms
  • show you how to organise your wardrobe, to reflect your style and individuality
  • help you create effective storage systems, which will last you a long time
  • show you how to maximise the available living space
  • decorate and style your rooms to look amazing

You might see your chaotic space as a problem, but for me, it’s an opportunity to do what I enjoy! I believe that together, we can work on any project – big or small.

Call me for a free introductory consultation, to discuss your situation. The duration of a project differs based on the size of your space or wardrobe. Customised packages are available on request.

Let’s get started today!

“Your home is a living space, not a storage space.” – Francine Jay

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