Tidying up Gifting and Themed Decorations

Many of us have limited space at home and find it challenging to organise and store gift cards, wrapping paper and themed decorations such as Christmas and party accessories.

If you have a spare closet or cupboard, then allocate some space, to store your gift bags and decorations. Otherwise, use the bottom space on your bookshelf, to store boxes. Always keep everything together in one area.

All you need are a few boxes and clear plastic bags. You don’t have to buy new boxes and containers, you can use existing boxes which you have lying around at home.

Gift bags and cards

  • Collect all your gift wrapping items and check if they are still in a good condition.
  • Discard damaged or tacky looking items.
  • Group your gifting items by categories such as gift hampers, ribbons and cards. This will give you a better overview.
  • Store all gift hampers in a bigger hamper or upright in a box.
  • Keep tissue paper in another hamper or in a box. Tissue paper is ideal for wrapping gifts before you place it in a hamper.
  • Put gift wrapping rolls upright in a magazine holder or round container. It will keep them neatly together and prevent them from getting damaged.
  • If you have gift boxes, stack them inside each other to save space.
  • Place ribbons together with your gift card supplies. If you have a lot of ribbon, then group them by colour and place each colour group in clear plastic bags, which you can store in a separate box.
  • Store gift cards and card making supplies in another box.

Themed and special occasions decor 

  • This includes all decor for birthdays, Easter, Christmas, etc.
  • Go through all your decorations and discard old and broken items.
  • Keep each special occasions category separately.
  • Place smaller groups of items in clear plastic bags or glass jars, e.g. birthday candles or table confetti.
  • Store each special occasions category in a separate box or clear container, so you can see what is inside.
  • You can stack the containers on top of each other.  
  • Label them appropriately.
  • Christmas decor is usually made up of many items. Store smaller items, such as tree accessories in clear plastic bags and place them in a smaller box.
  • Roll up light strings around a piece of cardboard, after you have checked if they still work.
  • Store all your Christmas décor together in one or more large clear containers, which you can keep in the garage or cellar.

“The manner of giving is worth more than the gift.” – Pierre Corneille

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