Updating your Contact List

Updating and removing your contacts on the Contacts app of your smartphone, shouldn’t take much of your time. Most of us neglect to keep our contacts up to date and then we sometimes end up having to scroll through an endless list of names before we find the name we are looking for.

You might think it is such a straight forward task, which it is, but I am here to prompt you to action and follow tasks with my weekly blogs. Follow these easy steps:

  • Open your Contacts app
  • Scroll through your contact list and delete all the people with whom you no longer have any contact.
  • In order to simplify your search for restaurants, add the abbreviation in front of all restaurant names e.g. Rest. M Steakhouse.
  • Immediately save important contact details under your Contacts, before you lose or misplace the information.
  • Try to add as much information as possible when saving new contact names, especially when adding a new Doctor.
  • Add the birthdays of your friends so that you can be automatically reminded of all birthdays throughout the year.
  • Ensure that your contacts are saved in the cloud to make it easier to transfer your contact list to a new smartphone. You will also benefit from the cloud storage when your smartphone gets lost.

“Time is everlasting, but people aren’t. Keep in touch with people whom you love.”

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