Tidying up your Makeup and Hair Accessories

Is your makeup still in good condition? Does all your perfume still smell good? Do you find that your hair accessories are a mess? If you are not sure or if you would like to start organising your beauty products now, then keep on reading. I am also sharing on how you can tell when theseContinue reading “Tidying up your Makeup and Hair Accessories”

Tidying up your Jewellery

Most of us have a large collection of jewellery and tend to wear our favourite pieces for the entire season. Usually, the new jewellery we received as gifts or the fashionable costume pieces, we bought ourselves. With jewellery organisation, it’s important to have a good overview of what we have. If we don’t see everything,Continue reading “Tidying up your Jewellery”

Wardrobe Organising – Shoes and Accessories (Part 2)

Shoes and accessories are important to round off your clothing. They can give any outfit that wow effect. To accessorise with scarves and belts is also an affordable way of following new fashion trends. Follow the same organising process used for Clothing (Part 1) and only keep shoes and accessories that you like and wearContinue reading “Wardrobe Organising – Shoes and Accessories (Part 2)”

Wardrobe Organising – Clothing (Part 1)

Your wardrobe is such an important part of your life. Knowing your unique body shape, colouring and personality, will simplify the decluttering process of your wardrobe. The result will be a closet with clothing that will always fit you and reflect your individual style. Having an organised closet will also save you time and effort.Continue reading “Wardrobe Organising – Clothing (Part 1)”

Decluttering your Books and Magazines

A quick and easy way to improve the appearance of your bookshelf is to simply straighten everything out and line it up. It can make a major impact. When everything’s askew, it can look far messier than it actually is. Follow these steps to sort and tidy up your magazines and books. Books Collect allContinue reading “Decluttering your Books and Magazines”

Organising your Living Room

The living room is a central part of our home and we use the space to relax, work, eat, play and socialise. It can easily look messy with magazines, drinking glasses and toys lying around. I usually declutter and tidy up the entire space in one session, but for the 52 week Organising Programme, IContinue reading “Organising your Living Room”

Tidying up Gifting and Themed Decorations

Many of us have limited space at home and find it challenging to organise and store gift cards, wrapping paper and themed decorations such as Christmas and party accessories. If you have a spare closet or cupboard, then allocate some space, to store your gift bags and decorations. Otherwise, use the bottom space on yourContinue reading “Tidying up Gifting and Themed Decorations”

Organising your Computer Files

Keeping your personal files organised on your laptop or computer will save you time and effort. It will enable you to easily find any specific information you are looking for and contribute to your overall productivity. The following steps will help you to manage your files and folders more effectively. Go through all your filesContinue reading “Organising your Computer Files”

Organising your Digital Photos

It’s always fun to take photos and to share them. When it comes to sorting and organising of photos, most of us tend to postpone it, because it is so time consuming. But hopefully I can motivate you this week to tackle this daunting task. Click here for more information on Organising Printed Photos andContinue reading “Organising your Digital Photos”

Organising your Printed Photos and Albums

Sorting and organising your printed photos and photo albums could take a few hours or a few days, depending on how many photos you have. Follow these organising suggestions that will keep your memories safe. I will discuss Sorting your Digital Photos in my next blog. Collect all your photos and photo albums, and place themContinue reading “Organising your Printed Photos and Albums”