Organising your Laundry and Cleaning Items

Most homes have limited space for a washing machine and dryer. Depending on space some people keep their washing machine in the kitchen or bathroom and others have a laundry room in their cellar or a scullery next to the kitchen. Wouldn’t we all like to have a pretty laundry/utility room where everything is neatlyContinue reading “Organising your Laundry and Cleaning Items”

Decorating your Kitchen

Now we are getting to the fun part of organising your kitchen … styling and decorating. There are many different themes for kitchens from modern, farmhouse and industrial, to retro and vintage. Once you have determined the style and colour scheme of your kitchen, you can choose the right accessories to go with it. Lighting Continue reading “Decorating your Kitchen”

Kitchen Organising – Storing Food Items (Part 3)

Now that you had time to organise all your Dinnerware (Part 1) and Cooking Tools (Part 2), we can move on to storing food items. I usually start with dry food first and then follow with fresh and frozen foods. Dry food – Pantry cupboard Remove all food items from your cupboard or pantry andContinue reading “Kitchen Organising – Storing Food Items (Part 3)”

Kitchen Organising – Storing Cooking Tools (Part 2)

Previously I focused on general kitchen organising and Storing Dinnerware (Part 1). This week I will discuss tidying up and organising all the cooking tools. If you want a kitchen in which you can enjoy cooking, the focus should be on ease of cleaning after preparing a meal. Don’t try to aim for simplicity inContinue reading “Kitchen Organising – Storing Cooking Tools (Part 2)”

Kitchen Organising – Storing Dinnerware (Part 1)

Kitchen Storage Overview It’s important to know how to arrange your kitchen space and where to store all your things. Storing everything in its place will make cooking and eating more enjoyable. First, start tidying up your dinnerware and glasses, then cooking items and appliances. Finish with food items. Store items based on material category,Continue reading “Kitchen Organising – Storing Dinnerware (Part 1)”

Organising your Linen and Towels

The linen closet is often a neglected space and can easily look messy with too many items stacked on top of each other. Items that belong in the linen closet include – bed sheets, pillowcases, towels, floor mats and blankets. If you also store other items in the linen cupboard, like a medicine chest orContinue reading “Organising your Linen and Towels”

Tidying up your Medicine Cabinet

Every household should have an organised medicine chest with essential first aid items, pain relievers, stomach meds, cough medicine and allergy pills. Although most people store their medicines in the bathroom cabinet, it’s actually the wrong place for it. Pills and capsules can go bad when exposed to moisture and heat. Always store medicines inContinue reading “Tidying up your Medicine Cabinet”

Tidying up your Bathroom

A bathroom needs to be functional and clean. It is a space where we like to relax and feel comfortable. Tidying up your bathroom won’t take long. Depending on the size, it usually takes 2 to 3 hours. Follow these easy steps when organising your bathroom: Decluttering First collect and sort out all communal items,Continue reading “Tidying up your Bathroom”

Organising your Kids’ Room

Kids’ rooms are naturally messy, but you can teach them to keep their bedroom organised with smart storage solutions. When organising and decorating kids’ rooms, allow for sufficient space to play and invest in enough storage containers for all their toys. Storage Solutions Beds with drawers are great for storing large toys, board games, puzzlesContinue reading “Organising your Kids’ Room”

Organising your Bedroom

We often tend to neglect our bedrooms, because it’s the room visitors usually don’t get to see when they visit us. We usually invest more money in lounge and kitchen furnishings, even though we spend more time in our bedrooms. You too can have your dream bedroom. For a start collect ideas from Pinterest andContinue reading “Organising your Bedroom”