Decorating with Colours

There are many ways to inject colour into your home, from painting walls and furniture to buying colourful home accessories and artwork. The four main colour groups are: Warm colours – red, orange and yellow Cool colours – blue, green and purple Neutral colours – grey, white, black and beige Metallic colours – gold, silverContinue reading “Decorating with Colours”

Household Checklists

In order to be more organised, it’s essential to plan and use checklists, especially if you have a big family. There are various checklists available on Pinterest and in the App store, from meal planners and shopping lists, to chore and decluttering checklists.  Meal Planner Planning your meals will help to reduce the stress withContinue reading “Household Checklists”

Tidying up your Car

Most of us would probably choose to drive a spotless car. Travelling in a tidy and clean car can easily be achieved if you don’t accumulate trash and wash your car regularly. If you have time and space, washing your own car will save you money, otherwise take it to a good car wash. ThisContinue reading “Tidying up your Car”

Inside-Out Home Maintenance

Just like us, our property also needs a healthy dose of love and care. I have compiled two checklists with all the important points for the inside and outside upkeep. This will help you to ensure that your house is kept in perfect shape and maintain the value of the property. The summer season isContinue reading “Inside-Out Home Maintenance”

Organising your Garden Tools

Sitting on your patio or balcony and appreciating the plants around you is a very pleasant and relaxing thing to do. But keeping plants healthy and organising your garden tools, can be a hassle. Usually, they just get dumped in a corner of the garage or a bucket without much thought about storing them properly.Continue reading “Organising your Garden Tools”

Tidying up Hardware Tools and Supplies

Most of us have a toolbox with the basic hardware tools for fixing household repairs. Toolboxes are ideal for storing the essential hardware items and can easily be carried around the house. Those who enjoy DIY projects such as woodwork probably have a proper workspace in the garage or basement. If you are still dreamingContinue reading “Tidying up Hardware Tools and Supplies”

Decluttering your Garage

Items which usually get stored in the garage includes Christmas decor, sports and hobby items, seasonal things (heaters or outdoor umbrellas), gardening items, hardware tools and much more. I will discuss tidying up hardware tools and maintenance items separately next week. Garages tend to be spaces where we dump things which we find hard toContinue reading “Decluttering your Garage”

Tidying up your Sentimental Items

This includes all precious items like cards, clippings, journals, childhood memorabilia, kids art and figurines. Organising Photos and Albums are also part of sentimental items, which I have already covered in week 12.  Some of us are more sentimental and tend to hold on to things from our past. You might sit with boxes ofContinue reading “Tidying up your Sentimental Items”

Cleaning Carpets, Windows and Curtains

Cleaning your home is one of the chores most people dislike very much. But we all enjoy a clean and sparkling environment. The best time to tackle the more time-consuming household chores is at the beginning of a new season. If you don’t have the time or energy to clean windows or carpets, you canContinue reading “Cleaning Carpets, Windows and Curtains”