Tidying Up before the New Year

Let’s jumpstart the New Year with a clean and tidy home. With the Christmas holidays that have passed, we might feel sluggish and uncomfortable from overindulging. One way to get more active and improve your state of mind is by tidying up and cleaning your home. Having an organised house will make you feel more positive and satisfied.

Is creating an organised home one of your New Year’s resolutions? You can easily achieve this by creating and maintaining a personalised tidying up routine that will suit your lifestyle. If you need help with this, you are welcome to contact me. Remote assistance is only one click or phone call away… 

Remove all Christmas Decorations

  • Get your storage containers ready.
  • Start with the Christmas tree and remove all the baubles, garlands and Christmas lights.
  • Collect all the other decorations and place everything on the dining table. 
  • Group items according to type, colour and size.
    • Group baubles by colour and place each colour in a separate clear bag. 
  • Place the other Christmas tree decorations in small clear bags and stack them in clear storage containers.
  • Separate the Christmas light strings and place each in a separate clear bag. Place all the smaller bags in one large, clear bag. 
  • Store all Christmas decorations in large, clear storage boxes, available from Ikea.
  • Return fake Christmas trees in boxes or wrap them up in large plastic sheets.

Clean out the Fridge

  • Use up all the Christmas leftovers. There are many great recipes you can try out.
  • Remove everything that has expired, especially meat and seafood.
  • Wipeout your fridge, before returning any food items.
  • Group foods by category.
  • Make use of plastic containers to store food groups such as cheeses and deli meats, which will make your fridge more organised.

Tidy up all Rooms

  • Discard any old and unwanted things.
  • Return items to their proper storage places. 
  • Use storage containers and old boxes to contain items.
  • Keeping things in storage containers and cupboards will make a room appear neater.
  • Make a list of any new items which you require or items that you need to fix.
  • For every new item you get, you have to let go of one or two items. This will help you to reduce clutter.
  • Clear out all your recycling containers that contain old cardboard, empty water or glass bottles. Drop off old clothes. 

For an in-depth and thorough decluttering plan, check out my 52-Week Organise your Life Programme, which will cover each room and household aspect in more detail.

 “When your environment is clean you feel happy, motivated and healthy.” – Lailah Gifty Akita

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