Decorating your Home

Your home is an extension of you and portrays your taste and personality. If you feel it’s time to upgrade or transform your interior, look for inspiration on social media or in home magazines. All you need is time, energy and some money.

Decorating your home, will not only make your place feel more comfortable and warm but also bring more structure into your home space. Check out my other posts on how to decorate with Colours, Wall Art, Lighting and Houseplants.

Follow these Decorative Tips to make your Home more Inviting.

  • Stick to a Theme: The consistency of colours and style helps the objects relate to each other and the rest of your home.
  • Colour Selections: Items should complement or match the existing colour scheme of your room. 
  • Colour Repetition: If you introduce a new colour, repeat the colour in the room.
  • Create Contrast: Use different colours, object shapes, patterns and designs for contrast. 
  • Group Items: Use uneven numbers when creating a group of objects.
  • Less is More: Don’t clutter your tables or shelves with too many items.

Decor Ideas

  • Pillows & Throws
    • Choose a colour palette for your home and inject accent colours with pillows and throws.
    • Create interest with a mix of pillows in different texture, sizes and patterns.
    • Drape throws over the lounge chair and place them along the end of your beds.
  • Rugs & Floor mats 
    • Use rugs to define areas, especially in an open space setup. 
    • If your space is small use a light coloured rug to make your room appear larger.
    • Floor mats are not only decorative but also practical, as they dampen noise, protect flooring and add warmth.
  • Curtains 
    • Hanging curtains adds colour and warmth to a room.
    • Heavier fabrics create a more formal look, where lighter fabrics are more casual.
    • Curtains are an essential finishing touch for every room and can instantly upgrade your interior.
  • Candles 
    • Decorate with candles to create a cosy ambience and mood.
    • Place beautiful candle votives with tea candles on tables. 
    • Display a group of candles on a round tray or plate.
  • Ceramic & Glass Objects 
    • Create a group display with different shaped ceramic bowls or empty vases. 
    • If you get tired of a certain colour you can spray paint it in a new colour.
    • Display valuable collections in a glass cabinet.
  • Vases 
    • Perk up a room with fresh flowers or twigs in a vase.
    • Place them on tables, shelves and windowsills.
    • Vases are an affordable way of adding an accent colour to a room.
  • Mirrors 
    • Mirrors make great focal points. You can also hang a group of mirrors on a wall for a wow effect. 
    • Use large mirrors in a small room or narrow passage to create more depth and make a space feel more expansive. 
    • They absorb light and provide a sense of brightness in a room.

“A room is a story waiting to happen, and you are the author.”

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