Decorating with Houseplants

Plants are a great way to add life to a room, fill empty corners and create visual interest. They clean the indoor air by absorbing toxins, increasing humidity and producing oxygen. Also, plants help to boost your mood, reduce stress and improve your concentration. 

There are many different ways to display plants in your home: 

  • Plants in baskets and pots, placed on the floor, on a cabinet or shelf. 
  • A plant placed on a pedestal stand or in a basket with legs. 
  • Hanging plants in macrame plant hangers.
  • Wall-mounted boxes or shelves with plants. 
  • Ladders with plants clipped onto the middle section.
  • Glass terrariums which are little indoor plants in glass jars for table displays.
  • Plant stems in vases for table placements.

Houseplant care

  • When selecting a plant, you need to check how much light it needs. A plant that requires sunlight won’t do well in the bathroom. 
  • Keep the potting soil moist. Ideally, it shouldn’t be too dry or wet.
  • Depending on the type of plant and climate you have, you need to water them once to twice a week. Water succulents and orchids once a week.
  • During spring and summer use a liquid fertiliser to feed all your plants every month. In winter fertiliser can be withheld, unless a plant is dropping its lower leaves, showing weak growth or an overall yellow-green colour.
  • Regularly cut off dead leaves.

“What you plant now, you will harvest later.”

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