Organising your Laundry and Cleaning Items

Most homes have limited space for a washing machine and dryer. Depending on space some people keep their washing machine in the kitchen or bathroom and others have a laundry room in their cellar or a scullery next to the kitchen. Wouldn’t we all like to have a pretty laundry/utility room where everything is neatly positioned in one space? Check out the different ways of creating a laundry space, below.

Laundry Space

  • If you have a scullery space next to your kitchen invest in shelving or cupboards to store your laundry items.
  • Place containers on shelves.
  • If you only have limited space, store your washing supplies in a box with lid and keep it close to the washing machine.
  • There isn’t a big difference between washing powders and pods. I find pods to be more convenient and space-saving as they contain both detergent and softener.
  • Pegs for the washing line can be stored in a beautiful hanging peg-bag or glass container.
  • Store the drying rack next to your washing machine.
  • Invest in a steam ironing station to simplify your ironing chores. See below.
  • Choose a laundry basket with lid for a tidy appearance in the bathroom. Guests don’t have to see your dirty laundry.
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It’s advisable to clean your washing machine once a year. The limescale deposit and laundry detergents can build up in the tub, pump and hoses. This can make your machines less efficient and cause damage over time. Run a wash cycle with clear vinegar once a year for your washing machine.

Cleaning supplies

Includes cleaning solutions, vacuum cleaner, floor mops and brushes.

  • Essential cleaning supplies for each household:
    • all-purpose cleaner
    • ammonia cleaner for stubborn stains on white surfaces
    • oven cleaner
    • window cleaner
    • lime removing spray for shower doors and marks on vases
    • stainless steel cleaner
    • baking soda
    • white vinegar
    • dishwashing soap
    • old toothbrushes and sponges for scrubbing
    • microfiber cloths and gloves
    • dust collector brush for skirtings, window sills and shelves
  • Discard all solutions, which have expired and haven’t been used in the last 2 years.
  • Keep your dishwashing soap, brushes and dishwasher pods under the sink together with the garbage bags and old shopping bags. If you have enough space keep all your cleaning solutions under the sink.
    • Each group of items should be stored in a separate basket, i.e. all dishwashing items in one basket.
    • Use a wire or plastic basket and store items upright.
    • Fold shopping bags in rectangular shapes and store them upright in a small container to save space. Try to keep bags to a minimum.
  • Store large cleaning supplies in the utility cupboard or utility box with storage space. See picture below.
  • Always wear gloves when washing dishes or other household items to protect your hands.
  • Tip: Use old T-Shirts for cleaning rags and store them in an old shopping bag together with your microfiber cloths.

“Happiness is the smell of fresh, clean linen.”

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