Organising your Linen and Towels

The linen closet is often a neglected space and can easily look messy with too many items stacked on top of each other. Items that belong in the linen closet include – bed sheets, pillowcases, towels, floor mats and blankets.

If you also store other items in the linen cupboard, like a medicine chest or toiletries, then store these neatly in boxes. Keep everything in its place to eliminate clutter.

Follow these easy steps to keep a tidy linen closet:

  • Some houses have a spare closet in the corridor where linen and towels can be stored. You can also use a spare cupboard in the guest room or create space in your bedroom cupboard if space is limited.
  • Go through all your linen and towels and check that each item is still in good condition.
  • Remove anything with holes or stains and everything that you don’t like or haven’t used in the last 2 years.
  • Old towels can be cut in smaller pieces for cleaning and old blankets can be used for pet baskets.
  • Remove all linen from their packaging, as these can trap moisture and cause mould.
  • Sort and organise your items by category, e.g. group all bedsheets together.
  • You might need sub-categories if you have kids.
  • Use boxes or baskets for storing different categories. Ikea has a great variety of storage baskets.
  • Fold linen in rectangular shapes and stack them upright in a basket, so its easier to identify.
  • Do the same with the cushion covers and place them in a smaller basket.
  • Keep items that you use regularly in the front.
  • Roll up towels and stack them upright too. This makes it easier to remove towels from the group, especially when there are different colours.
  • Use a smaller basket for storing face cloths.
  • Store your towels and face cloths in the bathroom cupboard if you have one.
  • Keep items, which you use less often at the top or back of your closet, e.g. beach towels.
  • Bulky items like pillows and duvet inners which are for guests or get rotated seasonally can be stored at the top of your cupboard or in large transparent boxes, up in the attic.
  • Place scented sachets or soaps on each shelf to keep your linen closet fresh. You can make your own sachets with dried lavender.

” There should be a place for everything and everything in its place. – Isabella Beeton”

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