Tidying up your Medicine Cabinet

Every household should have an organised medicine chest with essential first aid items, pain relievers, stomach meds, cough medicine and allergy pills.

Although most people store their medicines in the bathroom cabinet, it’s actually the wrong place for it. Pills and capsules can go bad when exposed to moisture and heat. Always store medicines in a cool, dry place.

Follow these easy steps when organising your medicine

  • Collect all your medication and health products. 
  • If you have pain relievers in your handbag or travel bag also check these. 
  • Discard all expired items.
  • Make a list of all the medicines and vitamins you need to stock up on.
  • Keep medicines in its original packaging with the expiry date on.
  • Sort items into groups, e.g. kids’ medicine, bandages/plasters and stomach meds. 
  • There are many different ways of storing your medicine: 
    • medicine chests with shelves of trays
    • organising systems with pull out drawers
    • transparent storage boxes with lids, which you can stack on top of each other
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  • Store large categories or product groups in separate boxes, drawers or trays.
  • Stack medicine items behind or next to each other and make sure that the product labels face upwards or to the front.
  • Label each box or drawer so that the contents can easily be identified.
  • Store your medicine chest or boxes at the top of your cupboard or linen closet.
  • Keep medication safe and out of children’s reach.
  • Store your daily medication and health products in a separate basket. Place them in the kitchen, away from direct sunlight.
  • Medicine, which you have to take before bedtime or upon waking up, should be kept in your bedside drawer. 
  • Some people find it helpful to use a weekly pill organiser.
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