Organising your Kids’ Room

Kids’ rooms are naturally messy, but you can teach them to keep their bedroom organised with smart storage solutions. When organising and decorating kids’ rooms, allow for sufficient space to play and invest in enough storage containers for all their toys.

Storage Solutions

  • Beds with drawers are great for storing large toys, board games, puzzles and other toys that are not being played with often.
  • Fabric hanging storage organisers for beds are ideal for storing favourite toys and night-time reading books. These are available from Ikea.
  • Use large baskets for storing kids’ toys. Also, get one for the living room. This will help to keep the rooms tidier.
  • For older kids, you can label the different containers, e.g. Lego, wooden toys, animals, cars, etc. You can also place pictures of the different items on baskets for younger kids.
  • Keep a small plastic storage basket in the bathroom for their bath toys.
  • Use a bookshelf for kids’ books and the bottom space for storing baskets.
  • Wall hanging storage units with cubes for storage containers provides extra space at the bottom for playing.

Kids Wardrobe

  • A chest of drawers is ideal for storing folded kid’s clothes.
  • Go through all the clothing and only keep items that fit and are in a good condition.
  • Separate the winter and summer clothes.
  • Group by category, e.g. all pants, shirts and dresses together, so you can access and style outfits more easily.
  • Always fold tops, pants and underwear in rectangular shapes. With smaller items, reduce the number of folds.
  • Stack folded items in drawers or in flat boxes to contain them better.
  • Hang dresses, jackets and coats on kids’ hangers.
  • Depending on age, store kids’ shoes on the bottom cupboard space or in drawers.
  • Store accessories such as sunglasses and caps in flat boxes.
Available at Ikea


  • Add a large pinboard for their paintings and birthday cards.
  • Create a beautiful play corner with a tent, rug and fun elements.
  • A night lamp for reading and for fighting the dark is essential.
  • Have a table and chair available for art and homework.
  • Other key accessories are wall art, curtains and cushions.
  • Check out Pinterest for creative and fun ideas for kids’ rooms.

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