Organising your Bedroom

We often tend to neglect our bedrooms, because it’s the room visitors usually don’t get to see when they visit us. We usually invest more money in lounge and kitchen furnishings, even though we spend more time in our bedrooms.

You too can have your dream bedroom. For a start collect ideas from Pinterest and save photos of how you want to style your bedroom. Then get ready for a proper decluttering out and redecorating of your bedroom.


  • Bed: Your bed is the single most important furniture piece in your bedroom. Make sure that you have a good quality mattress for your back. The best ones have a combination of memory foam and natural latex foam. 
    • Look out for beds that offer lift-up bases with hidden storage space, where you can store your bedding.
  • Dressing table: If you have space for a dressing table, then try not to have too many items on the table as it can easily end up looking cluttered. Only display your favourite jewellery pieces and perhaps a group of decorative fragrance bottles or flowers. Use the drawers for storing makeup, hair accessories and the hairdryer.
    • Alternative vanity storage options for limited spaces are narrow chest of drawers for displaying and storing your vanity items, or a floating wall shelves with drawers, which are available from Ikea.
  • Bedside tables: Choose bedside tables with drawers, which are ideal for storing items like hand cream, nasal spray, lip balm and tissues. Keep the bottom drawers for books and magazines, which you are busy reading. This way your bedside table will stay neat and tidy.
  • Wardrobes: When purchasing new bedroom cupboards, select ones with deep drawers for tops, shoes and even accessories. It should also have enough hanging space. Closets with sliding doors save space.
    • Check out my blog post on Wardrobe Organising with useful suggestions on how to organise and tidy up your closets. 
  • Chairs: If you have enough space create a seating corner with one or two chairs, which you can use for reading.

Tidying up and decorating

  • Changing the look of your bedroom doesn’t need to be expensive. Just by painting your bedside tables or the frame of your mirror in another colour, and changing your bed linen and wall art, you can make a big difference.
  • Have a proper look at your room and see what furniture and decor should be removed, replaced or added.
  • If your room needs a fresh coat of paint or new cupboards, then start with that first.
  • Lighter colours are better for smaller spaces.
  • Do a proper clean up of the entire room and move furniture in order to clean underneath it.
  • Once you have tidied up the entire room, check if you want to add some decorative touches.
  • Essential decorative items to improve the appearance of your room are bed lamps, cushions, curtains, paintings and plants.
  • A large mirror is essential for checking your outfit and hair, while you are getting dressed. It also helps to make your room look bigger.
  • If you have extra space for a chair or an ottoman with storage at the end of your bed, get it in a colour that will fit with the colour scheme of your room.
  • Make a list of all the new items you want to get for your bedroom.
  • Remember, for every new item you want to buy, you have to let go of one or two existing items. The fewer objects you have, the more spacious and tidy your room will appear.

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” Your bedroom is your sanctuary.”

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