Tidying up your Jewellery

Most of us have a large collection of jewellery and tend to wear our favourite pieces for the entire season. Usually, the new jewellery we received as gifts or the fashionable costume pieces, we bought ourselves.

With jewellery organisation, it’s important to have a good overview of what we have. If we don’t see everything, we forget about what we have. There are many creative ways to store and display your jewellery. Jewellery displays are beautiful to look at, so don’t hide your necklaces and bracelets in a box inside your cupboard. Show them off. I like to display part of my jewellery collection in a large glass dome.

Maybe now is the time to let go of the costume jewellery pieces you haven’t touched in years. Only keep the ones you like a lot and still wear.

Check out these storage and display ideas for your jewellery

  • There are wonderful cupboard systems from Ikea with drawers that have small compartments for your entire jewellery collection.
Available from Ikea.com
  • Other options are wall jewellery cabinets with doors, which open up to show all your jewellery.
Available from Wish.com
  • Jewellery boxes are great for storing your valuable pieces or small jewellery collections.
  • Depending on the amount of jewellery you have, you might need to store each category separately.
  • Earrings: display them on a pegboard with little hooks to hang from. Otherwise, you can also get an earring organiser stand with branches or a wall organiser.
  • Necklaces: you can either hang them from a belt hanger, a pegboard with hooks or a necklace organiser stand.
  • Rings: store your rings in a flat bowl or in a ring tray organiser with rows where you can place your rings.
Available from Amazon.com
  • Bracelets: hang bracelets from a mug tree or place them around a bracelet roll.
  • Sunglasses: depending on the number of sunglasses you have, you can either store them in a sunglass display box with compartments or in a long flat box.
Available from Amazon.com

“Your jewellery introduces you before you even speak.” – Madison gems

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