Wardrobe Organising – Shoes and Accessories (Part 2)

Shoes and accessories are important to round off your clothing. They can give any outfit that wow effect. To accessorise with scarves and belts is also an affordable way of following new fashion trends.

Follow the same organising process used for Clothing (Part 1) and only keep shoes and accessories that you like and wear during the year.


  • Always sort by size, colour, type and brand.
  • It’s better not to store shoes in their original boxes because it will make it more difficult to have an accurate overview.
  • Depending on your cupboard design, store shoes on the bottom space or in drawers.
  • Small items such as high heels should be placed at the front or top and large items at the back or bottom of your closet.
  • Use shoe racks to stack shoes above or next to each other.
  • Stack flat shoes, sandals and slip-on shoes next to each other in a box.
  • Only store off-seasonal shoes and those you wear less often in boxes. Aim to fit more pieces in a box. Off-seasonal stuff should be stored at the top or in the back of your cupboard.
  • If you don’t have enough cupboard space, you can get a shoe stand where you can display your fancy heels or sneaker collection. If it is styled correctly, it will make a nice display to look at.
  • If you have expensive designer shoes, which you never wear, then consider selling them online and use the money to buy a new pair.
  • Avoid having shoes lying around in the bedroom or entrance hall. This creates a messy appearance. Always keep them in the closet or the shoe cupboard in the entrance hall.


  • Store big, heavier items at the top of your closets like big bags and hats.
  • Handbags: Group bags together by size. Place same sized bags into each other with the handles visible so you can recognize them.
  • Scarves: Dedicate a drawer or box for scarves. Fold them in double and roll them up. Avoid too many folds, as folding can cause creases. Stack smaller scarves next to each other in a flat box.
  • Hats: Place hats on top of each other. If you have enough space group them by size. Stack baseball caps behind each other.
  • Ties: Hang them on a hanger or fold them in halves and roll them up. Store them in a flat box.
  • Belts: Depending on the number of belts you have, either hang them on a belt hanger or if you only have a few, roll them up and place them in a flat box.
  • I will discuss organising and storing jewellery and sunglasses next week.

“Life is too short to wear boring shoes.”

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