Organising your Computer Files

Keeping your personal files organised on your laptop or computer will save you time and effort. It will enable you to easily find any specific information you are looking for and contribute to your overall productivity.

The following steps will help you to manage your files and folders more effectively.

  • Go through all your files on your hard drive and delete any unimportant or old documents.
  • Save files in the relevant folders.
  • Create new folders with sub-folders if needed.
  • Give files logic and specific names.
  • Clear your desktop and downloads files on your MacBook.
  • Save important email attachments to your hard drive.
  • Have a digital copy of all your personal identifications and documents such as passports, contracts and certificates. This will give you easy access to your documents.
  • Back up your files on an external hard drive or in the cloud, to avoid losing data when your electronic device gets stolen or damaged.
  • Immediately file new documents in the relevant folders.

“Time is the scarcest resource and unless it is managed nothing else can be managed.“ – Peter F. Drucker

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