Organising your Digital Photos

It’s always fun to take photos and to share them. When it comes to sorting and organising of photos, most of us tend to postpone it, because it is so time consuming. But hopefully I can motivate you this week to tackle this daunting task.

Click here for more information on Organising Printed Photos and Albums, which I posted last week.

How to sort and file your digital photos

  • Delete all unwanted and ugly photos on your cell phone and transfer all the images to your laptop or computer.
  • Create a “To Sort“ folder under Pictures and drop your photos in it.
  • Also go through all the existing photos on your computer. If need be, move all your photos to one location on your computer or laptop for you to sort.
  • Create folders for each event and sort by year. E.g. 2020 // New Years celebration / Maya’s Birthday / Holiday in Marrakech, etc.
  • Do the same for all the past years and categorise all photos by events or people. If needed create sub-folders. This will give you the best overview of all your past events.
  • Don’t be scared to delete bad quality photos or similar ones. Only keep the best photos.
  • Once you have sorted all your photos, then save them onto an external hard drive or in the cloud. This will ensure that you have a backup of all your precious memories.
  • Try to download and store new photos on a monthly basis.

“We are making photographs to understand what our lives mean to us.“ – Ralph Hattersley

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