Tidying up your Hobby Items

Hobby items comprise everything, which you use to carry out a creative, musical or sports activity during your leisure time. I will only be focusing on the creative hobbies like painting, knitting, sewing and crafts.

Hobbies are an excellent way to relax and improve your wellbeing. You will feel great after creating something beautiful or functional. The most important advice is to group all the items for a specific hobby together in one place. If you have to start looking for things, you will waste valuable time and end up feeling frustrated.

  • Go through each hobby group you possess and assess if everything is still in a good condition. If you have a dedicated hobby room or area, you will probably have accumulated a lot of things. Go through everything.
  • Discard old, used and unwanted items.
  • If you no longer enjoy or have time for a particular hobby, then maybe sell your things on eBay. Use the money for a new hobby, which you would like to try out.
  • Make a list of any new things you need to purchase in order to grow your hobby.
  • Sort items by material, size and colour.
  • Arrange paints and thread rolls, from light, then bright to dark colours.
  • If you have lots of different smaller items, like buttons, beads and sequences, then store them in smaller jars or in a compartmental organiser with lid.
  • If you practise a variety of smaller, creative hobbies, then ideally store each group in a transparent container, so you can see what is inside.
  • Place everything neatly together in small, medium or large storage containers, ideally with lids, to protect the content from dust.
  • You can stack the containers on top of each other or next to each other on a shelf or cupboard.
  • Label them if needed.
  • Keep your workspace clean and tidy after a each hobby session.
  • Invest in a good lamp, especially if you carry out your hobby at night. If you are knitting in the lounge, then have a good reading lamp. It’s important not to put strain on your eyes.

Storage suggestions for creative hobbies

  • Store creative hobby items for scrapbooking, card making or art in transparent containers. 
  • If you have a lot of art supplies, then store the items in a mobile trolley or on a shelve. Paint brushes can be sorted into different sizes. Place them upright in old drinking glasses or cylinder shaped holders.
  • Store groups of smaller items such as buttons and beads in compartmental organisers or small jars and boxes.
  • Place all the baking craft items in a transparent container and store it with the rest of your baking items.
  • Keep knitting items in a small basket, which you can place by your sofa in the lounge, while you are busy knitting.
  • Sewing items can be stored in small or large wooden sewing boxes. You might even have a sewing desk with drawers where you can arrange items neatly in sub-categories – buttons, pins and thread.

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