Declutter your Desk and Stationery Supplies

A minimalistic desk space provides the maximum usefulness and contributes to a more productive frame of mind. The home office is increasing in the business world, making it more important to create and maintain a tidy space at home. Your desk should only have the basic gear, such as a desk lamp, laptop and a pen organiser.

In the age of digital technology, people tend to have less stationery then before. But for those that use more stationery items, there are amazing storage ideas for keeping things neat and tidy. Visit Pinterest for clever and creative storage ideas.

How to organise your desk and stationery supplies

  • Clear out all your drawers and collect all your stationery related items such as pens, staplers, notebooks, plastic sleeves, etc.
  • Go through all the items and discard any unwanted and old items, as well as things you never use. Why keep a puncher if you don’t use A4 cardboard folders.
  • Test all the pens and koki pens to see if they still work. Discard any that don’t work.
  • Sharpen all your pencils.
  • If you have a lot of duplicate items such as notebooks, rulers and erasers, only keep the 2 nicest ones and discard the rest.
  • Store your pens, ruler and scissors in a round transparent vase or stationery pen organiser.
  • Keep smaller items such as paper clips and pins in smaller containers or in multi-compartment organisers with lids.
  • If you don’t have a desk with drawers, then store your stationery items in a mobile stationery trolley with trays, available from Ikea. You can roll it nicely under the table counter or next to your desk.
  • Store the stationery items you use often within easy reach. Place them either neatly on your desk or in the top drawer or tray.
  • The items you use seldom can be stored in the back of your drawers or on the bottom trays.
  • Keep paper, envelopes and plastic sleeves separately either in a compartment storage unit with drawers or in magazine holders. 

“Tidy desk. Tidy mind.”

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