5 Useful Organising Suggestions

If you follow these easy and practical organising suggestions throughout the year, your place will look more tidy and organised. For those of you who feel motivated to follow my 52 Week Organise your Life Programme, your home will end up looking super neat and organised. You will also feel more rejuvenated and clear-headed.

1. Less is more

We have all heard that less is more and that simplicity is an essence of happiness. Instead of complaining about your cramped space or looking for a storage facility, start getting rid of some of your possessions.

  • Keep only what you need.
  • Discard all the obvious unwanted items, such as old magazines, promotional flyers, boxes from online shopping, worn out clothes and broken appliances.
  • Discard items that add no value unless they can be recycled.
  • Get rid of duplications unless these are items you use often.
  • Don’t create a junk drawer or cupboard.

Through regular decluttering efforts, you will be able to avoid a mess to accumulate.

2. Keep items that add value

Only keep items that make you happy or add value to your life. Stop wearing or using things, which you don’t really like. Instead, use the pretty dinner set, which you usually keep for special occasions. Wear some of your new clothes at home, rather than wearing those old and worn out items.

3. Everything has its place

Keeping your life organised means keeping everything in their proper place. This will help you to find your things quickly and easily.

  • What belongs in a specific room should always be returned to that room.
  • Use organising systems to store your things and to keep a neat appearance, for example a laundry bin for dirty clothing, a toy box in the lounge for the kids toys and a container for all your cables and plugs.
  • Keep like with like – place same shaped items together, same fabrics such as napkins and tablecloths together and put same sized bowls and plates together.
  • Create easy-to-access storage spaces for things you use all the time.
  • Don’t let your storage spaces become cluttered.

4. Discard 2 items for each new item that you buy

Most of us love buying new, beautiful things we see, especially clothing and decor. But more stuff means less space to house all your things. A way to avoid things to accumulate is to discard two items you no longer like or use that much. Having to remove 2 items will make you think twice before you purchase something new. In a world where the focus is on sustainable living, we all need to try to buy less and rather recycle the things which we can. For instance, create scatter cushions from old denim jeans.

5. Clean up regularly

Do a quick tidy up before you leave a room for the day.

  • Make up your bed every morning.
  • Hang up wet towels after use.
  • Place dirty clothes in the laundry basket and put clean clothes in the wardrobe.
  • Discard promotional leaflets and empty packaging immediately.
  • Take glasses and cups back to the kitchen.
  • Pack dirty dishes into the dishwasher and keep kitchen surfaces clean.
  • Empty all household bins when emptying the kitchen bin.

Every aspect of your life is anchored energetically in your living space, so clearing your clutter can completely transform your entire existence. – Karen Kingston

Source: Pinterest

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