Declutter your Entrance Hall

In the last 5 weeks, I focused mainly on personal topics such as medical check ups and finances. Now I am moving on to the home front and I will start off with the first thing guests will see when they enter your home – namely the entrance hall. Hallway sizes vary from country to country. I will focus on smaller entrances with limited space.

Many entrance halls are filled with shoes, bags, boxes, bottles and furniture that fill up the small space and give it a messy appearance. The nicest entrance halls are minimalistic with only the basic necessities like a coat hanger, chair, small cupboard for shoes and a surface for keys.

Helpful tips for organising your entrance hall

  • Try to remove all the small items such as shoes, bags, coats, etc. from the entrance hall.
  • Place same category items together and sort through it. Discard all damaged, old and undesired items.
  • Put crates with empty bottles in your car, to take to the shops. Discard those online boxes and take back the items that need to be stored in the cellar or garage.
  • Place shoes and coats that you only use seldom, back into your closet.
  • Only the essential items that you use nearly daily should go back into the entrance area.
  • Before you pack your essential items back, have a proper look at your space and see what furniture should be removed, replaced or added.
  • The basic furniture that an entrance hall needs is: a coat hanger, a narrow, low cupboard for shoes and bags, a shelf, a chair and a mirror.
  • Hallway shoe storage suggestions – have a cupboard where you can store shoes or use a box with compartments where shoes fit in.

  • A DIY idea is to use the front part of a wooden ladder and attach it to the wall. You can place shoes on the various steps. This will look funky and also take up less space.
  • If you don’t have space for a cupboard or thin table, maybe add a floating shelf where you can place your keys.
  • Instead of having a coat rack, you can use a beautiful wall coat hanger, which takes up less space.
  • I like to have a mirror in the hallway, because it’s good to take a last glance in the mirror before you leave your house and it also helps to make your space look bigger.
  • It’s fine to place things, which need to leave the house, in the entrance hall overnight, as long as you plan to take it away the next day.
  • Maybe your space needs a fresh coat of paint. Lighter colours are better for small spaces and will help to make the hallway appear bigger.
  • Once you have placed everything back in the entrance hall, see if you can add some decorative touches like adding a plant, painting or rug, to make it look more homely.
  • Get inspiration for your entrance hall from pictures on Pinterest and Instagram.

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.” – Jim Sohn

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